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– Received 7/31/17

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From: Paul P
Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2017 8:51 AM
To: Liliana Meadows
Subject: Thank you all!

Hello Liliana,

My Mom, Ann P. , is back home in her apartment, as I know you are aware… but I want to THANK YOU ALL there at Palm Garden!
For all you did to care for my Mom during her, second stay with you all.

She misses you all, and even though it is wonderful to be home, she misses the routine, and blessings that Palm Garden offers.
You have spoiled her. LOL

I hope and am praying she will take it slow and be very careful on her travels within her apartment. I sold her car during my last visit, so all the drivers in Vero Beach will be much safer now… and she has a wonderful support group making daily visits, Nurse-on-call, church and prayer people, friends, shoppers and neighbors all getting her mail, and taking out trash… so, the chance of her and concrete meeting face to face has been minimized.

One day at a time, getting older is no fun. As we both know.

Again, my blessings to all of you at Palm Garden for her past stays… and even though it is reassuring to know your services are always available… I do hope she gets through at least a month without having to visit you all once again… said with a smile.

All my best, blessings,
Paul P.



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“The pleasure was truly ours. Our small contribution pales in comparison to the sacrifice made by Sylvester M. and all our service men. Our veterans deserve the very best, and we are committed to celebrating their life story and contribution to our country. Freedom isn’t free. When we put our children to bed at night, may we all remind them of the sacrifices our veterans made that we may all live free. The pleasure was ours.”

-Erelyn Hicks, Executive director, Palm Garden of Vero Beach